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Ross Towner, Dave Page and Lee Verralls

EUROPE: United Kingdom: England




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Here’s a little info on a fresh exciting new band called ‘Headspace’, and how these three funny characters, ended up in one of the most talked up bands I’ve heard about for a long while.
Ross, the singer and Bass player of this curious unit, was brought up in Belgium, and can only agree with me when I asked him if this slightly unusual up bringing for an English lad had had a big influence on the vibe of the lyrics he pens. “I can’t pretend that being able to get a beer in McDonalds, hardcore porn on TV and transvestites in every club didn’t have a slight impact on me.” Ross quips with a smile.
“But I found the frustration of not fitting into a different culture, when I returned to the U.K, as the main catalyst for writing most of the time”.
Headspace was born through the frustration that these three friends shared after living in a small town on the south coast of the UK. They all soon fled to London to play bigger gigs with bigger bands, and made a real name for themselves with their sarcasm soaked songs, and the world exposure they received from having three tunes on one of the most popular computer games around (Pro Evolution Football 2009).
They are known for their unique vocals but set themselves apart from even the top bands with their energetic live show. They love it, and love playing in this band, you can just see it,.
The energy that little Lee Verrals produces (drums), combined with the individual, catchy, yet driving riffs Dave (guitar) ingeniously scatters throughout the tunes, makes you want to move. “Our up and coming album’s called ‘Can’t Dance? Who Cares!’ for a reason” Dave says. “Cause we can’t (dance), and we don’t (care), but we still will”.
At a time when the industry is on its knees due to following trends that rely on big generic pop acts, we have a band who almost thrive on being different and who really have managed to create their own sound while not straying from the mainstream garage rock scene. A band who so many people truly believe could breathe life into this faltering industry and give fans that are into quality rock, real hope for the future.


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